This site is devoted to the love of film! Within these digital walls I will be writing pieces that reflect my opinions, thoughts, and analysis of movies along with the people involved in their creation. I may not review everything I watch, but if I feel my opinion is worthy enough to stand out from the masses I will do this as well and on the off chance that I read a book that I find outstanding, or that might need some attention, I will review/mention it too. Storytelling is my passion so if I find a few treasures of the written/cinematic word, I’ll let you guys know!

     From this soapbox I will also occasionally post some of my own creative writing, be it a serialized ongoing narrative, short stories, or one-offs just for fun. I hope you enjoy what you find, and remember, try to engage in new and weird entertainment when you can! Feel free to follow my antics on twitter as well @realspacecortez Thanks for taking a look!

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