Will the Ghostbusters reboot work like Creed, or fail like Genisys?

Hollywood has a problem with sticking too close to known quantities or properties in the filmmaking business. They are seldom comfortable with new titles as they have the potential to fail, ie a failure to generate profits. Thus I’m sure many Hollywood insiders are generally in favor of the ticket sales from last year’s biggest movies. ‘Mad Max’, ‘Jurassic World’, ‘Creed’, ‘Mission Impossible’, ‘James Bond’, and (of course) ‘Star Wars’ all proved to be gigantic financial successes after returning to the silver screen after their respective hiatuses. However, not all of the returns to Hollywood’s past were as successful. ‘Terminator: Genisys’ for example was widely accepted as a gigantic ode to failure. ‘Spectre’ also left something to be desired from James Bond’s antics especially after the exceptional ‘Skyfall’ as well. Okay, so financially these returns to genre and franchise can be financially succesful, but critically can they compete? The answer is a mixed bag. For some the answer is a resounding YES, ie ‘Mad Max’ and ‘Creed’. For others however the critical analysis of these films can be somewhat dissapointing. ‘Jurassic World’ for example earned Titanics (Yes, I’m using the famed boat as a unit of measurement) full of money yet it doesn’t get near the filmmaking prowess of the initial offering.

Is it a retelling of the story that doesn’t hold to past iterations as in Mad Max:Fury Road? Or a sequel reboot like Jurassic World?

If I were to answer this question after only seeing the trailer and knowing nothing else about the story I would definitely assume this iteration is a sequel that takes place thiry years after the original, because they literally reference that point in the opening text. However, I hear that this film may simply be a reboot just with a modern setting and female cast. This is confusing marketing if that’s the case, and doesn’t make much sense to me, especially if there’s that much rumored Bill Murray cameo.

Does the PG-13 rating hold it back from a greater potential?

While I don’t believe that ‘Ghostbusters’ itself needs to be rated R to get butts in seats, or for creativity’s sake, the talent behind the camera has created several films where the deciscion to make it an R rating has benefitted them in opening up the freedom to drop their constraints pertaining to the matter. Paul Feig has a decent track record so far though and the cast seems funny and competant so here’s hoping this amalgamation of ghosts, ghouls, and girls nears the greatness of the original.

But will it be good?

We won’t know until it hits theaters this summer amidst other blockbuster franchise returnees such as ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ & ‘Finding Dory’. Until then this trailer does a fine job of introducing us to this version of the Ghostbusters, lets just hope it doesn’t suck like the last ‘Terminator’, but that’s a whole nother story.

For further analysis, check out the ScreenJunkies trailer reaction below:

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